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Use one stand on top and one on the bottom for amazing stability of four boards.

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Our boards slide snugly into our stands. This creates a divider that is easily moved and the configuration easily changed.

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Place several boards together to divide a table or desks.

A round table - chose for four, five or six students. Easily reconfigured to suit your lesson plans for the day.

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When used for testing, these Test Dividers and Space Providers provide students with personal space. They allow students to complete the assessment without interference from their table mates. Students are not distracted by their table mates, are better able to concentrate and do their own best work.

As a teacher, we want to make certain that on assessments, exams or tests, we are assessing each student individually - not as a “roving-eyes group effort”. As educators, we are always walking around the classroom during assessments, but these little test dividers help to ensure testing integrity.