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We often feature a Test Dividers Teacher using their Test Dividers. We love seeing our Test Dividers being used and we love to help share ideas with other educators. We invite you to share with us as well as everyone in our Test Dividers Community. Our Test Dividers Teacherwill be featured on our web site, receive recognition with their principal, and will also receive a coupon for $10.00 off of a set of test dividers that can be used for 20 teachers in their school - up to a $200 value!

We encourage you to apply to become our Test Dividers Teacher.

Test Dividers Teacher - Linda K.

Congratulations to Linda K. !    - University Professor, State of New York
We use the Test Dividers for testing, but we also use them to advertise and promote new programs. In these pictures we were promoting our special programs for new freshmen and transfer students coming to our University.

I love how quickly and easily I can create professional stand-up displays for our events.”    

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                                                                                                              Thank you for sharing Linda K.!