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Used as a space divider, you can easily change the configuration in your classroom. As depicted in the pictures below, these students were doing a Productive Group Work exercise creating directions using small plastic blocks. Each student was asked to created a structure using the plastic blocks and write detailed instructions so that their shoulder partner could re-create the structure. Used as Space Dividers the students were able to create their structure and write directions without their partner being able to see their structure.

The structures were first created and then placed in the brown bag. After recreating their partner’s structure, using ONLY the directions, the dividers were taken down, put flat on the table, and the partners discussed how their directions could be improved.

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Students are writing their individual directions.

Reviewing their individual directions

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Discussion with their shoulder partner. . .  how can their directions be improved?

The Test Dividers/Space Providers help to ensure that shoulder partners are talking to each other and
are not distracted by the other pair group across the table.