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Thank you to Rachel D. in British Columbia, Canada for sharing the transformation of her Grade 3/4 classroom!

At the beginning of Rachel’s vision for her classroom -- “I cannot wait to get my adorable little "offices" set up for my students. Each student will have clipped to the top: their name tag, a beautiful piece of their art work in a clear sleeve and a schedule of their activities they need to complete in another clear sleeve using butterfly clips.”

After she made her “Student Offices” -- “Here is the transformation in my classroom from regular tables where my students worked to their new little offices.  Students are slowly starting to personalize their spaces. My students absolutely love having their own space, and love the calm and productive atmosphere in the classroom.  Teachers and parents have all come into the classroom to visit and check out the new offices. Thank you very much for changing how my class operates and bringing a sense of professionalism to my students' learning experience. I love being able to adjust the shape of the boards for different purposes throughout the day and the week”. -- Rachel D.


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