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Additional Applications and Ideas for Test Dividers:

Election Phone Bank Small

Use the Test Dividers for a variety of opportunities - Shown here as Privacy Partitions for an election phone bank.
The Test Dividers separated volunteers while they called constituents in a California District.

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Shown below as informational display boards.

U of Albany 1 sm
U of Albany 3 sm
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Our stands have been used in other applications, including:

    Home School - turn a dining room table into individual study space.

    Department of Motor Vehicles - privacy for licensing and testing

    Municipal Voting - provide private space for voting

    Restaurants - Display daily meal or drink specials

    For trade shows - Free standing table top display. Advertising specials.

    For banks and businesses - Free standing signs
    “This window closed”, “Line begins to the right”,
    “Next window please”, etc.

    Ice cream socials - displayed the name of the ice cream served at a line.

    “No Smoking Here” and/or “Smoking Permitted Here”

    Anything you would like to stand up on a table - our little Test Divider stands will help you get your message across!

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