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A Lecture Hall - great for lectures. . .
        Not so great for taking assessments.


A Lecture Hall - shown partially set up with Test Dividers. . . Now it works well for taking assessments.

Our Test Dividers are ideal for College and University lecture halls. The lecture halls are great for delivering lectures, but when it is time to give an exam, professors and administrators must move students to testing rooms so they have space to take the exams. This requires additional proctors, time and money for the proctors, and it also becomes a very difficult situation for classroom scheduling.

Our Test Dividers are very cost effective - especially when you consider the cost of paying proctors. And the test dividers can be used over and over. (with no complaining!) Please talk with your registrar, facilities person or person in charge of scheduling exams and ask how much time, energy and effort is put into scheduling examinations.

Used as a Testing Integrity System, the Test Dividers transform a lecture hall into an examination or testing room. The test dividers are simply placed on the desk areas, separating each student from their next door neighbor.