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What our teachers say:

“I want my students to do their best. If they are taking an assessment, I do not want them thinking they are going too slowly or too quickly, looking around the room and then hurrying to be finished because they believe their classmates are already finished. These Test Dividers allow my students to really focus.”


“On an assessment, I want to assess what each student knows - not what their table-mates know. Used as Test Dividers, these offer individual space for taking assessments.”


“I love to do Productive Group Work and love the flexibility that these dividers offer. I can set them up for individual space, groups of two, groups of three, etc.”


“On individual work, I want my students to have space and time to think and complete the assignments. These Test Dividers/Space Dividers offer that opportunity to my students.”


“I have been looking for a low-cost, durable option to ensure testing integrity for 10 years! Finally I found it! Thank you!”


“I seem to change classrooms every year. These Test Dividers/Space Dividers go with me to each classroom and allow me to customize my room design - regardless of what furniture is in my room.”