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WHITE Boards

This picture shows four boards with two stands.

Change from this. . .

To either of these. . .

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BLACK Boards 

This picture shows four boards with four stands.

We offer a set of 24 Test Dividers / Space Dividers. Each set comes complete with 24 boards and 24 stands. Connect the boards or place one stand on each board They are in a durable shipping box which doubles as your holder when they are not in use. Just put them under a table or out of the way in your classroom. The stands are in their own box, and fit inside the bigger box for shipping. When you want to set them up, just bring out the boxes and have your students arrange them for the day’s activities. It’s that simple.

These Privacy Shields do exactly what you need them to do - allow you to create an environment which enhances your daily lesson - whether for testing, group work or individual work.

The boards can be placed either higher or wider - what ever is needed in your classroom.

The boards are clean, bright and white with NO writing on them. The plastic is washable and they can be wiped down with a soft cloth and nonabrasive cleaner. They are plastic, not paper or cardboard. When you want to use them, each student just grabs one divider and one stand and sets them up as you direct.

We offer two sizes of White boards.
Our Regular Size Boards (RSB) and our new Extra Large Boards (XLB).
= 24” wide x 18” high
XLB = 32” wide x 24” high
ALL of our boards are made of sturdy 4 mm white plastic

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From this. . .

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To this. . . 

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Space for each student. . .      in a variety of configurations.

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This picture shows each board with one stand.