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Table Top Test Dividers and Space Dividers -- Provide each student with personal space!

Our Table Top Test Dividers are perfect for creating a unique space wherever and whenever you need it. Great for testing and assessments, productive group work and as privacy partitions. Our privacy shields are made of sturdy plastic, but are lightweight and easy to move. They are washable and durable and easy to transport in our custom designed carry bag.
Choosing to use the plastic Test Dividers for Social Distancing NOW - would allow you to use them as Test Dividers in the future -  in more “normal” times. 

The Table Top Test Dividers are ideal for use in Elementary School classrooms, Middle School/Junior High School Classrooms, High School Classrooms and they will transform College and University lecture halls into testing locations. Use in a computer lab as computer testing dividers or as testing dividers for the classroom. Beneficial for parents and tutors with home-schooling or home based learning - turning tables into personal space as well as an individual testing area or testing privacy dividers. These student dividers for testing or desk dividers will allow the space needed to concentrate while minimizing distractions.

Sign Stands -- Our stands can be used to hold up your signs. If you need something sitting upright on a table top - our stand may be just the thing to help you accomplish your vision!

Social Distancing and Test Dividers?
We have been asked about using the partitions for Social Distancing. Obviously, we have no experience with this, but you may wish to evaluate this idea for your situation.
We have added a Clear Plexiglas option for our Test Dividers.
Plexiglas may be available in places like Home Depot and Lowe’s and from local suppliers in your area.
The thickness .093 or .098 or .118 works well. .093 is thinner but lighter. The .118 is a bit more durable - but heavier. We suggest ordering stands from us and then getting the Plexiglas from a supplier in your area - this will keep your costs down.
The Plexiglas is thinner than the Test Dividers boards so we have a “Shim Tape” to use with the Plexiglas. Please let us know if you are planning to use Plexiglas and what thickness  and we will include the “Shim Tape” for you.
Please contact us for a specific quote.
Because the Plexiglas is heavier, you MUST secure the stands to the surface. We used blue tape to easily show that in the photos. But you could use Velcro or other types of tape.
We currently have product available.

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Variety of Classroom and Lab applications     Black or White boards can be used horizontally or vertically.

We are pleased to announce that we have
two sizes of White Boards!
Our RSB Regular Size Boards are 24” x 18”
Our XLB Extra Large Boards are 32” x 24”
The RSB set contains 24 boards and 24 stands and the XLB set contains 24 boards and 48 stands.

We also offer Black Boards in the 24” x 18” size

Please click here to go to our pricing page.

Our Test Divider Plastic “T” Stands carry a
lifetime warranty. If they break or chip, simply let us know and we will replace them - free of charge.

Pricing for Social Distancing Dividers:

Package of 5 Stands: $30.00 with free shipping

One (1) Regular Size SDD (24” x 18”) Plexiglas with 2 stands:
    $55.00 with free shipping.

One (1) Extra Large Size SDD (32” x 24”) Plexiglas with 3 stands:  
    $75.00 with free shipping

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Test Divider’s Plastic “T” stand.
Made in the USA.
Made from Recycled Materials.a

Phone: (941) 586-3447    OR    e-mail:  TestDividers@gmail.com

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