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Table Top Test Dividers and Space Dividers
provide each student with personal space.

Our Table Top Test Dividers and Space Dividers are perfect for creating a unique space wherever and whenever you need it. Great for testing and assessments, productive group work and as privacy partitions - they were designed by teachers - knowing what was needed in their classrooms. Our partitions are made of sturdy plastic, but are lightweight and easy to move.

The Table Top Test Dividers and Space Dividers are ideal for use in Elementary School classrooms, Middle School/Junior High School Classrooms, High School Classrooms and they will transform College and University lecture halls into testing locations.

Beneficial for parents and tutors with home-schooling or home based learning - turning tables into personal space as well as an individual testing area.

As teachers, we have put folders together, taped cardboard to tables, moved tables around, used heavy cardboard, cut science fair project boards down, everything - we are very creative and resourceful and find ways to accomplish things on a shoestring! This is a good quality, low cost, durable alternative to the cardboard that many teachers have used in the past. Remember these were designed by teachers!

Students often are distracted by what goes on around them. These table top test dividers and space dividers will allow students to concentrate on their own work, in their own space. You can set up the dividers in a variety of ways - whatever configuration you deem appropriate and you can change the configuration at any time!

Testing, individual work, group work - you create “the space of the day” that works with your lesson plans in your classroom or home-schooling location.

We appreciate AND listen to our clients and are pleased to announce that we now have two sizes of Boards!
Our XLB Extra Large Boards which are 32” x 24” and our RSB Regular Size Boards which are 24” x 18”

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RSB Bags are out of stock until the end of May or beginning of June. Our apologies.
The XLB Bag size is in stock.

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We also offer two sizes of our Carry Bags:
Regular Size Boards (RSB): 24” wide x 18” high
Extra Large Boards (XLB): 32” wide x 24” high

CARRYING BAG for Test Divider Sets
We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a Carry Bag that is designed to hold one set of Test Dividers - allowing ease of transport and storage. We have two sizes - depending on whether you are purchasing the RSB Set or the XLB Set. Our Carry Bag is available for only $34.95 (RSB) or $39.95 (XLB). Please ask us about this. RSB - OUT OF STOCK.

Test Divider’s Plastic “T” stand.
Made in the USA.

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Made from Recycled Material.

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